Designed for Mountain Bikes

Because we like mountain bikes!


and Road Bikes!

Yep, they fall over too!


Lock your bike in place with ease!

Stores on your handlebar!


The Parking Brake for your Bike!

Durable. Simple. Fast.

Bike Brake User Testimonials

“It is simply amazing the difference it makes, just clamping-on the front brake and locking the front wheel: incline, uneven pavement, gust of wind — the bike stays where you put it! A truly elegant design.”

Thanks again,

“Just want to tell you how much I love my BikeBrake. I can’t believe howstable it makes my new, expensive Carbon-frame bike when I need to park it. It feels super well made, has just the right amount of elasticity, and is the perfect size on my drop bars.
Such a simple solution! Bravo, BikeBrake, and thanks.”


“Your product is great….I use it and give it friends as a thank you…usually for pulling and making me look good!

I highly recommend it as a brake stop to control the wheels when transporting bikes on the trunk carrier, rather than bungees, or inner tubes or other ersatz holders…the Bike Brake is more efficient and looks better, especially important for expensive wheels!”


“Love this product! Wish I had before my Heckler fell over onto a rock.”

Boise, ID

“Hi guys, got your bike brake in the mail and put it on right away. To me, it’s more then just holding the bike in place. I have very expensive components, right down to the bar tape. This is where bike brake saves me. Many times my bike has had to lean up against a brick or stucco wall, where the slightest movement forward put scuff marks on the tape, edge of the saddle, or shift lever. All expensive. Now, with bike brake, no worries!”

Thanks guys,

“I received the Bike Brake as a small gift and have been very happy with it. I was tired of my bike constantly falling over every time I leaned it against a wall — I’ve never enjoyed kickstands (not even in the 80s). The Bike Brake works especially well for public transit (ie Caltrain)! ”

I highly recommend!

“Bike Brake works just as advertised. I hardly know it’s there until I need it – then when I have to park my bike somewhere along my commute it keeps the bike upright even on a slope and leaning against a building”


“I’ve been using the Bike Brake for several months now. I commute to work several days a week and the Bike Brake does a great job of stabilizing my bike when I store it during the day. The front wheel remains locked and doesn’t move which helps keep the bike stationary.”

A Satisfied Customer,
San Jose, CA.

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